Monte's Five Principles to Balance Ontario’s Budget

Ontario’s budget will not be balanced after the next election. The Liberal plan is a mass of contradictions, wishful thinking and fuzzy math.

That’s why I am releasing my five principles to balance Ontario’s budget. These principles will guide my decisions as Premier, when we finally get a real look at the books in 2018.

1. My top priority as Premier will be to implement a realistic and responsible plan to swiftly balance the budget.

2. I believe that new or higher taxes are not necessary to balance the budget. We can live within our means – just as we have done in the past.

3. Tax cuts will only be implemented after the budget is balanced. Taxes are too high in Ontario, and we will reduce them, but only once the budget is balanced.

4. Any plan to balance the budget will not include sending “pink slips” for existing public sector employees.

5. I will listen to the people of Ontario and to the members of my party for specific ideas on how to balance the budget. I want to hear from you what your priorities are for the government of Ontario.  The final plan to eliminate the deficit will come from ideas generated by party members at a policy convention to develop a Policy Book that outlines what our Party believes in with final ratification of such plan, idea by idea, as part of an election platform approved by our members.

This is the right way forward to restore fiscal balance to Ontario.



Monte McNaughton, MPP


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