McNaughton First PC Leadership Contender to Visit all 107 Ridings in Ontario

Ontario PC leadership contender MPP Monte McNaughton has now visited all 107 ridings across Ontario.

“I launched my ‘Main Street, not Bay Street’ tour in August and have now visited with conservatives in every riding across Ontario,” said McNaughton. “Kate, Annie and I have put a lot of miles on the Dodge Minivan, but it has been an amazing experience. Everywhere we went I met party members and supporters who want the Ontario PC Party to change – we can’t keep doing things the same old way and expect different results.”

The province-wide tour began in Toronto-Danforth on August 10 and wrapped up last night, October 15 in Sault Ste. Marie. In total McNaughton attended more than 134 events over 66 days on the road. He met with well over 1,000 party members.

The Tour was named ‘Main Street, not Bay Street’ because McNaughton is committed to bringing the PC party back to its roots as a party of everyday Ontario residents.

“I believe that true leaders listen. That’s what I’ve been doing on this tour. All across Ontario I’ve heard great ideas. It’s also why I launched an online survey about how to reform the Ontario PC Party – and we’ve had well over 2,000 responses. Listening to our members and supporters will make us a stronger party and will help us win in 2018,” summarized McNaughton.