MPP McNaughton Addresses Macdonald-Cartier Club of London

Ontario PC Leadership Contender Outlines The Right Way Forward to Large Crowd

(London, ON) – Today, Ontario PC Party leadership contender MPP Monte McNaughton spoke to a large crowd at London’s Macdonald-Cartier Club. Approximately 75 people attended the luncheon meeting at the Western Fair District Carousel Room. This is the first time McNaughton has addressed the club and he used the opportunity to outline his plan for Ontario, The Right Way Forward.

“Ontario’s fiscal situation is of top importance to taxpayers – conservative and non-conservatives alike. Our party must be the party that campaigns on balancing the budget and government living within its means. If it is not our party it most certainly won’t be the Liberals or the NDP,” outlined McNaughton. “I am the only one who has declared balanced budgets as a top priority.”

McNaughton explained a series of internal party reforms that he calls his Members First Plan stating, “my approach to reforming the Ontario PC Party is to make the members my insiders. Having our leaders reviewed by all members after every election, having a platform made of policies that come from our members and then approved and finally ensuring regional and local issues are reflected in our platform is The Right Way Forward for our party.”

McNaughton also spoke about his plan to cancel Kathleen Wynne’s ORPP stating, “I will cancel the ORPP within six months and refund all the money to Ontario families and businesses.” McNaughton’s plan has been backed by Carleton University’s Professor Ian Lee who has said that there is a small window to repeal the ORPP – 5 years.

McNaughton has been the only MPP standing-up to Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda and added, “my opponents want to stay out of the issue. That isn’t leadership.  That isn’t how we grow our party into a broad conservative coalition including new Canadians all across Ontario. I have been criticized by many in the media but I am not backing down from my position on this issue.”

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