Stop your power bill from skyrocketing

Currently, 76% of homes in Ontario use natural gas for heat. Natural gas is a clean, reliable and affordable fuel source. In fact, the price of natural gas has been steadily in decline for several years. Under Premier Wynne's new plan, all homes and buildings built after 2030 will be barred from using natural gas to heat their home. The plan calls for this to be expanded to all buildings in Ontario before 2050.

Making the switch from natural gas heat to electric heat will cost an average of $3000 extra per home. At a time when people in Ontario are already suffering from sky-high hydro bills, I would encourage you to sign the petition below asking Premier Wynn to drop her shortsighted plan to ban natural gas in Ontario:

"I, the undersigned, ask Premier Wynne and her government to immediately reconsider the plan to ban natural gas heat from Ontario buildings and new construction. I support natural gas in Ontario."

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