Why I'm Running

I am running because our party needs an alternative to the establishment candidates. We need to do something different.

I’m a young dad, a small businessperson, and not part of the Queen’s Park elite which has dominated the party for too long.

I’ve been touring the province with my wife Kate and our one year old daughter Annie in our Dodge minivan. The goal has been to talk to the everyday PC party members and see what I can do to help us win again. We are going to visit every riding, so check below to see when we are coming to your area.

Everywhere I went from Windsor to Ottawa to Sudbury to Scarborough, I’ve heard the same thing:

We need to fix how our party runs and we need to reconnect with the voters who left us. We can no longer be seen as the party of big business and the wealthy.

As leader I will build a modern conservative coalition by reaching out to young families, blue collar workers and new Canadians.

That’s why I’ve called my tour so far – “Main Street not Bay Street” – because it is about connecting with the voters on main streets in small towns, crescents in the suburbs and the apartment towers of Toronto, not with the special interests on Bay Street.

I'm not afraid to be a conservative - we cannot simply a pale blue imitation of the Liberals

I come from a retail background. When we listened to them, and to our team, our store grew and prospered. We need to do the same for the PC party – listen to our voters and members, and recognize that the leadership exists to serve you, and not the other way round.

Please join me by signing up on this website, attending one of our events, and buying a membership to vote in the Ontario PC Leadership